Apr 18

Translators and the Translation Industry -

Translators and the Translation Industry - How does the translation industry work and what tools are in use.


Apr 17

Switzerland and Swiss German -

Swiss German is on of the languages in Switzerland. Besides French, Italian and Reto Roman it belongs to the official National Languages in Switzerland.

Swiss German

Apr 13

The Future of Online Translation is here -

Translations and dictionaries will be more and more important as countries bond together in the globalized world.

Unlike many years ago, when we rarely heard a foreign tongue, let alone used one, we now live in a time where translation becomes more and more important. Therefore, more crucial than ever, is to have good and reliable online translaton means. One new and free translator aiming to revolutionize online language translation is called Hablaa and can be reached at Hablaa.com


Apr 03

Die Chinesische Sprache -

In China leben derzeit mehr als 1,3Milliarden Menschen. Trotz der Vielfalt an verschiedenen Sprachen und Dialekten konnte sich dennoch im viertgrößten Land der Welt das Hochchinesische, besser bekannt unter Mandarin, unter allen anderen Sprachen durchsetzen.

DIe Chinesische Sprache

Apr 02

How do we learn languages in 50 years? -

The learning process, it is said, never really stops; and this surely holds true if you wish to learn a language. There is no dearth of people even in their fifties, sixties, and seventies who set out to learn new languages, and they manage to do it rather successfully too. How do we learn languages in 50 years or more? Read on to find out.

Languages in 50 years